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Dolac – glavna zagrebačka tržnica

Dolac – The city market

In this charming environment in the heart of Zagreb, between the Upper Town, Ban Jelačić Square and Kaptol, in Zagreb’s most popular market Dolac, the best fruit and vegetables, as well as other foods, are on offer under the famous red Šestine umbrellas and in colorful tents. Here the people of Zagreb enjoy tasting delicacies and buying ingredients for their own preparations.

A walk through Dolac is always a special experience, through the patchwork colors of diverse products, the murmur of bargaining and the wonderful smell of fresh groceries,where you can sense the true rhythm of Zagreb.

Here, by the ‘kumice’, the makeshift stalls, where village women come in the early morning to sell their produce and whose significance to the city is celebrated by a special monument, you can find traditional cottage cheese and cream, the favorite food of many, and a crucial ingredient of many traditional dishes such as ‘štrukle’. ‘Štrukle’ are something you definitely need to try, and some of the best are to be found at Dubrovnik Café, just a few minutes away from this colorful market.

Here, after the enticing colors of Zagreb’s main market, you can watch city life in a pleasant atmosphere while enjoying some of its best flavors, and so complete an impression of the city in the best possible way.