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Top 5 klubova u Zagrebu

Top nightclubs in Zagreb

1. Pepermint

A favorite haunt for Zagreb’s clubbers in the heart of the city. Offers various music nights, from twist and swing, funk and soul, to contemporary dance hits. Guaranteed fun!

2. VIP club

Located in the very center of the city, in Ban Jelačić Square, with its many live concerts during the week, this club attracts mostly jazz lovers, while at weekends it turns into a real dance floor.

3. Jarun

Clubs at Jarun Lake, like Mansion and Aquarius, offer various club music sounds with frequent visits of well known DJ’s and producers as well as live band performances.

4. Jabuka

For those who like rock music, this legendary club called Jabuka (which means ‘The Apple’ in Croatian) is the right choice. Here you will find real rock connoiseurs dancing the whole night long.

5. Green Gold

A club located in the shoping center of the same name, Green Gold will satisfy different tastes — here you can enjoy various kinds of music, from Croatian traditional and popular music to dance hits.