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Top 5 mjesta za shopping u Zagrebu

Top shopping places in Zagreb

1. Ilica

The main Zagreb shopping street, situated in the center of the city, is full of small, charming boutiques, and shops of well known brands, as well as pleasant cafes and patisseries to have a sweet break before moving on.

2. City Center one

For your convenience, this big shopping center has opened it’s doors at two locations both in the east and the west sides of the city. Many brand stores offer something for each and everyone.

3. Arena Center

Located next to Arena Zagreb, this center is the favorite shopping center for many. Along with lots of stores featuring different well known brands, Arena Center offers delicacies in a number of small restaurants and cafes, or you can have fun at the multiplex movie theater or the bowling alley.

4. Avenue Mall

Just a few steps from the Museum of Contemporary Art , this shopping center is ideal to relax in after an exhibition. You can shop, relax, have a drink at one of the many cafes or see a movie in the cinema.

5. West gate

This Croatian shopping mall offers a variety of shops of famous brands which are guaranteed to meet everyone’s taste. A free-ride shopping shuttle bus is convieniently available to take you to the shopping center and back.