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Zlene oaze Zagreba i zagrebački parkovi

Zagreb — A Green Oasis

1. Jarun

The most popular Zagreb lake is a place where the people of Zagreb like to meet throughout the year. Along with numerous sports activities, Jarun offers a lot of fun, like the clubs at night, and during the day there are cafes and restaurants with wonderful lakeside views.

2. Maksimir Park

Maksimir Park is an ideal place to relax in natural sorroundings. Take a walk around the park and enjoy a range of activities on a lazy afternoon. Close to the city center, as well as luxurious greenery, Maksimir offers much more — it is the home to the well known Zagreb Zoo. While you’re here, cross the road at the best pedestrian crossing in the world — the funniest zebra awaits you.

3. Bundek

A beautiful park with a lake, the favorite haunt of nature lovers who don’t want to travel far from the city center. A walk, a bicycle ride, a picnic or a barbecue are just some of the activities you can enjoy in this oasis near the center of Zagreb.

4. Lenuzzi’s Horseshoe

This green oasis, called ‘The Green Horseshoe’ because of its shape, is made up of a series of squares and parks and is located in the very heart of the city. It is the most significant urban development in the history of Croatian architecture, and includes, among others, Zrinjevac and the Botanical Garden, and enables you to enjoy the greenery while taking in a sightseeing tour of the center of Zagreb.

5. Sljeme

A favorite Zagreb excursion site, the top of the Medvednica mountain, where a famous ski race, ‘The Snow Queen’, is held in the winter, and a true joy for all who like hiking. Medvednica offers trails of different degrees of difficulty, right to the top where you can enjoy excellent traditional food in several restaurants and a beautiful panoramic view of Zagreb and its surroundings.